Greenwood Community Center Music Garden


Working with the Greenwood Park Department and the arcDESIGN team, Mader Design was engaged to create a unique outdoor space that would engage the newly renovated Community Center. With numerous playgrounds in the adjacent park and inside the building, something unique was needed for the outdoor space…and the idea for a Musical Play Space was born. Musical instruments create outdoor spaces with opportunities for kids to create music together with varieties of bells, drums, xylophones, and talk tubes. The hardscape was developed combining curvilinear shapes with playful piano keys, and framed by plant species that exhibit musical qualities with their leaves, seed pods, or by dancing in the breeze. The perimeter is enclosed with a custom designed ‘Musical Fence,’ depicting the sheet music for “Yankee Doodle.” The end result is a unique space that blends seamlessly with the Community Center and the surrounding park.