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In our work as landscape architects and designers, everything comes down to people…people as client, as end user, as caretaker… people are the center of the design process.




Mader Design primarily works in the Institutional realm of design projects. Our Landscape Architecture work includes projects with civic, community, parks and recreation, education, healthcare, and commercial clients. Projects often allow us to team with Architects and Engineers, working both as clients and consultants to our fellow professionals. We work throughout the State of Indiana and have partnerships that give us the opportunity to do work throughout the country.




Our mission is to Integrate People & Nature.  With each project we look to combine aesthetics, client needs, and end-user experience to develop sustainable solutions through Landscape Architecture.   We strive to create a lasting impact on the user while maintaining minimum impact on the environment and where possible give back to the natural world. 

Core Values:

We maintain a set of Core Values that guide us in how we operate on a daily basis.  All are equally important to ensure we are doing our best for our clients, our community, and our firm.  

These guiding principles are key to our success: 

  •      The Client’s success is our purpose

  •      Foster strong long term relationships with clients, consultants, contractors and industry experts

  •      Take responsibility for our natural environment by focusing on a sustainable future

  •      Deliver quality service and products through diligent work, ingenuity and consistent continuing education

  •      Be ethical and use integrity in all our interactions and relationships