IU Health Morgan - Martinsville


Enlisted by IU Health, we began efforts at IU Health Morgan with a site master plan to supplement an ongoing facility programming and planning effort. The goal was to right size the facility and present a new face to the community and update a 60+ year old hospital. The plan called for creating an new public entry to the facility, removing several small buildings and relocating patient parking for the campus. The planning effort rolled into the design and construction of the project, working with arcDESIGN and Wilhelm throughout the process.

Working with significant topographic change across the site, the design worked to separate patient traffic, deliveries and operations, and ED traffic. The end result is a beacon to the community, readily visible and accessible to patients, visitors, physicians, and staff. Terraced planting beds frame the entry, and the large parking lot is softened with large wedges of green space. New outdoor break spaces are available for patients and staff to connect with nature and refresh.